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First Floor or Second Storey Additions in Sydney

Adding a first floor addition in Sydney to your existing property can give you that extra space your growing or changing family needs. You’ll find most homes in Sydney can support a second storey addition, but it is always essential to check with your designers first. You can add any number of bedrooms, a bathroom, or another living area for the kids to have their friends over, or why not add an ensuite and walk-in-robe off your master bedroom. First floor additions in Sydney are a good solution if your property doesn’t have quite enough area for a ground floor extension or if you don’t want to lose any of your backyard. Here are some things to consider before planning a second storey addition along the North Shore and Northern Suburbs:

  1. At the beginning of the project, discuss your needs and limitations in detail with your designer and builder.
  1. Consider Council regulations and building code requirements before planning your first floor addition in Sydney. Setbacks from side boundaries, having enough area for landscaping, and not exceeding the maximum floor area of the home are major Council considerations when considering options for extending. If your property has large areas of paving, driveways, or a pool, a second storey extension is often a wise option to pursue.
  1. Ensure that your neighbors feel their privacy is maintained. Similarly, your extension needs to be designed to maintain your privacy from homes around you.
  1. Check to see if you need to modify your own home insurance during an extension.
  1. Hire a licensed builder to provide the necessary insurances before they can start construction.

Step by Step Guide to First Floor or Second Storey Additions

Family Home Builders and Designers are a reputed and trusted home renovation company. We have been in the business for over 30 years and are specialists in first and second floor additions. Whether you need large structural modifications or interior renovations, you can count on our home design and building company to execute your vision to perfection.

Here is a step by step guide to our addition process:

Consultation and advice:

Communication is key to achieving a design and we build to satisfy our client’s needs and style. We discover your priorities and preferences, through various consultation meetings, to create a design concept and apply it to build a home that matches your vision.

Concepts and design:

Based on our initial discussions in the consultation we present sketches for the addition. Once approved, we create a new floor plan, with you having full control over the project and decisions.


Basic plans and timelines are hashed out. If you are satisfied with the design, we can move on to the Preliminary Agreement.

Preliminary Agreement:

Detailed plans and engineering, land surveys, and other reports are prepared.


Either a DA (Development Approval) or CDC (Complying Development Certificate) is obtained from your Council.

Construction Agreement:

Once we obtain a Construction Certificate, all that is left is for you to approve it.


Construction begins. Congratulations! Your renovation is underway.

If you’re planning a first floor addition in Sydney, connect with us here and get a free appraisal.