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Home Extension Ideas That will Make Your House a Home

For most of us, regardless of where we’re living currently, we like to seek ways in which we can make our home more comfortable. Sometimes this is spurred by an increase in the family size or a decision to create an office space in your home, or for a simple desire to modernise. This can make us crave more space.  Moving to a new house that fits our desire is always an option but it can be quite expensive. An alternate cost-effective approach is to extend your current house with a home extension in Sydney.

There exists a multitude of ways to achieve your home extension dreams from rear to roof extensions, new garages or granny flats, or even digging down below. Here are some ideas for extensions you might want to consider for your own home:


A home extension in Sydney can extend your outside space as well as the interior. Your deck is just an outdoor extension of your home, and its size adds aesthetic as well as financial value to your home. Hundreds of design ideas can make your deck into the outdoor retreat of your dreams, with pergolas, hot tub additions, and fire pits. You’ll create an area where you can entertain guests, and you’ll improve your property all at the same time.


If expanding out is not an option then maybe extending up is for you. Loft conversions give you a great return on investment and often an interesting space to turn into a bedroom, bathroom, or study. An angled roof is perfect for installing skylights to flood your new loft with loads of natural light. Loft conversions are occasionally considered minor constructions and can avoid the need for planning permission, but be sure to check with your North Shore builder before you start the conversion.


Basements can give an added living room space for your extended family or an office that you have always wanted. Your home extension builders can help you waterproof your basement and create it into a space that is perfect for you. Along with a living room, you can also add additional bathrooms and bedrooms in your basement, if you have enough space.


A Sunroom is perfect for letting in all the natural light you need, especially when you need it most in the dead of winter. A Sunroom makes an excellent formal sitting room you can entertain guests with high teas or curl up comfortably with a book in the sun.

Second Storey

If you do not have the extra space to extend your home horizontally, why not move up? A home extension builder will be able to tell you if it is possible to add a second story to your home, and it usually is. Your second storey does not need to be a full storey, but can consist of only a few rooms such as a bedroom and a lounge room. Perhaps you want to add a second story to your garage. Your North Shore builders can create a study or a workout room that adds some great value to your house without going through the headache of moving.

If you’re looking for a house extension, you can connect with us here and our North Shore Builders can assist you through the whole process from start to finish.