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How To Find A Home Renovation Builder

A home renovation is your opportunity to have the dream home you deserve at the location you know and love. There are various reasons as to why you might want to consider a home renovation in Sydney. You may be looking for some extra space or to update your existing space to accommodate different uses. There are a variety of designers and builders who are willing to take up your home renovation project along Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches, and transform it into something beautiful. And this process needs the right builder that matches your wants and needs. Here’s what you’ll need to help find the right designer and builder for your home renovation in Sydney:


Past clients will be able to speak to the quality and professionalism of a builder, and a true, heartfelt review is impossible to buy. A good builder will have a host of reviews to explain why they are the best choice for the job, and demonstrate their qualifications, years of experience, and any other important bits of information that can help you make a more informed decision.

You can read our reviews and watch testimonial videos here.


A common method of finding out the very best contractor for your home renovation in Sydney is to ask the people close to you like your loved ones, good friends, next-door neighbours, and so on. Apart from this, you can also look for important assistance from different advertising boards and hardware stores. This will assist you in taking the decision. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool in your arsenal to get information about the contractors around you that you might not get anywhere else.

Proper Credentials 

With the referrals, you might have come down to a couple of house renovation contractors. The next step to get home renovation in Sydney professionally done is to confirm they can carry out construction work in NSW. All builders should have their license number on display on their website and written or spoken in their advertising, as required by Australian Consumer Law and the Home Building Act 1989. You can check online whether the license is valid and whether the holder has had any public warnings or paid certain kinds of insurance claims.


Now is the time to make contact with your chosen designers and builders. Choose your favourite companies for your renovation contract in NSW either by calling them or visiting their website. Explain the goal of your project and they will be able to tell you if they can help you. Some good questions to ask your potential builder:

Do you design and build?

Who are your designers?

How often will our Supervisor meet with us?

How do we keep track of our project?

How do we finance our project?


Some designers and builders offer fixed price contracts, while other offer more flexible cost plus contracts. It is important to check if your designer and builder offers one or both of these options.

Looking to renovate?

Are you planning a home renovation in Sydney? If your answer is yes, we can help. Send us a message today and get the home renovation you deserve.