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Renovation Ideas to Modernise Your Home

People choose to renovate their homes, over knock-down rebuilds or simply selling, because they love their homes. They love the location, or the style, or their history with the property. But homes always need maintenance and upgrades and care, sometimes on a large scale, but the end result is a house better suited to your family that you can love all the more.

If you’re looking to modernise your home, now is the time to consider the size and scale of your renovation. Will you make structural changes to your home, and do you have the time and budget to make those changes? Or will your renovation be on the smaller side and deal with trimmings and fittings?

There are plenty of options available for any sized modernisation:

Install new windows and doors

Replacing your windows and doors is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. New windows and doors can also increase your home’s energy efficiency, making it more comfortable to live in and reducing your energy bills. They can also make your home safer, with updated fire ratings. Modern doors can be fitted with modern locking or door answering technology, which can be done remotely through a smartphone.


Upgrade your kitchen

If your kitchen is looking dated, or simply isn’t functional for your needs, consider a kitchen renovation. Modern kitchens typically have an open layout, with plenty of counter space and storage and flow directly into eating or entertaining areas. If your budget allows, install a kitchen island for even more workspace and storage. Butler’s pantries, breakfast bars, and custom cabinetry are also excellent ways to maximise space in your kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances are a popular choice for modern kitchens, but if your budget is tight, consider upgrading only the appliances that see the most use. Take care here, as kitchen appliances can draw vast amounts of power and cheap or damaged equipment can trip fuses and add to your energy bill.

Add a new bathroom

Adding a new bathroom to your home is a great way to modernise it. You can add a new shower, a bathtub, a toilet, as well as new tiles, a new sink, and new fixtures. Done with care these features can save you water.

Modern master bedroom ensuites often include his-and-her sinks, water saving fixtures, or heated floors and towel racks. Install these features for a little extra luxury or as an additional selling point.


Install a new roof

If your home is starting to look a little outdated, a new roof could be the perfect way to give it a modern makeover. A new roof will not only make your home look more stylish, but it will also improve its insulation or waterproofing and protect it from the elements.

Now may also be the time to consider installing solar panels on your roof. Solar energy is cheaper than ever before and the benefits grow with each passing year. Solar panels also offset some of the wear and tear that damages roofs, such as heavy rain or snow, and can even keep your roof cool.


Upgrade your lighting

You can replace traditional light fixtures with contemporary options. LED light bulbs are a great option for modernising your home as they are more energy efficient and provide a brighter light.

Lighting has come a long, long way in the last 20 years. Instead of bright downlights everywhere, we can now create phenomenal moods by specifying dimmable up lights, task oriented downlights and even coloured LED outdoor lights that can be controlled from your phone! Adding this type of variety means that you can create unique lighting environments within the same space that suit how and when you use it.

Add a coat of paint

Exterior paint is a miracle worker! It totally transforms the appearance of a home and is the easiest way to keep up with contemporary fashion. There is an art to making the right selection, but it all depends on the style of your house and what kind of message you want to communicate to your street and neighbourhood. We love talking through the options with our clients!

Update your flooring

Out of all the building materials, flooring is the one surface you experience the most. Yet it is often at the mercy of being value managed to the cheapest option. Considering that you can see, feel and hear the quality, we do urge our clients to invest in this particular area as quality flooring offers so much more than what it costs to install.

It’s a great way to add some personality to your home, and you aren’t limited to traditional timber floors or vinyl coverings. Concrete floors are growing popular as well as bamboo, ceramics, cork, and recycled wood.


Final Word

There’s something special about renovating your home and making it a little more personal and your own. It’s the little touches – the kettle, the towels, the lamps – that make it yours just as much as any broad sweeping statement like a new room or new roof. While it’s occasionally enjoyable to make these changes, it’s almost always rewarding, and your home will thank you for the time and effort you’ve invested.

If you’re looking to modernise your home in a major, structural fashion, and you live along Sydney’s North Shore or inside Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, leave your details with us and we’ll get you connected with one of our designers. You can also see our concept designs or read our testimonials.