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The state of your home can be considered an outward reflection of your love for the space. While there is a vast difference between well loved, worn in, and decrepit, it’s important to differentiate between them. You know your home better than anyone else, all its creaks and leaks and cold spots, as well as the features that give it its charm. That’s why you’d be extra perceptive in knowing your home’s overall condition and whether it needs a renovation.

While undertaking a renovation may seem like a big financial and mental responsibility, it’s important to push through in order to maintain or enhance your home’s aesthetic and market value. So when is the right time to renovate your home?

What to consider when it comes to major home renovations

There are four major reasons why anyone renovates their existing home:

  1. The owner is unhappy with the layout and style of their rooms
  2. It’s time to expand due to the amount of occupants
  3. The quality of the home is in need of serious repair due to deterioration
  4. The owner is planning to sell

There’s noticeable wear and tear

Old or worn flooring can be dangerous to your home’s occupants and visitors and pose a number of health and safety threats. When your floor’s tiles start to come off, crack or stain, then it’s a good indication you’ll need to renovate them. Carpets that are looking worse for wear in high traffic areas should also be replaced. Stairs that no amount of propping up can stop squeaking should be rebuilt. Are there corners of your back deck you stay away from because it’s not safe? Have you noticed any cracks in your walls?

But that’s not all. Consider all dimensions: is the paint peeling off? Are your kitchen cabinets starting to chip? Have the whites in your home started to turn yellow? How do your ceilings look? What about your roof?

Your kitchen and bathrooms look last century

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen and bathrooms will be where your occupants spend the most time. It’s little wonder that these are the most important rooms for homeowners as well as homebuyers. If your kitchen is outdated, it might not suite contemporary kitchen practices. Does it have enough power points? Is there space for a larger fridge if you wanted to upgrade? Is your kitchen properly ventilated?

Similarly, if the bathroom is the one place to truly relax and escape but you’ve got rusty door handles and finishes that remind you of decades past, it’s time to renovate. Trust us when we say modernising your kitchen and bathroom will do wonders for your mood.

Your home feels too crowded – or too empty

Children flown the coop and the house is feeling a little too empty? Or planning to add more to the family but can’t walk past each other without bumping heads? It may be time to restructure your home. Children’s bedrooms can be converted into home offices or storerooms, or even new entertainment areas. Most homes can be converted into two storey dwellings or extended outwards. Many also take the opportunity to build granny flats on their properties for their elderly relatives.

It just feels out of style

Trends that were once peak style when the house was built will eventually run their course. (Although if it’s anything like fashion, one day it’ll come around again!) Even the most updated smart home can look tired in a matter of years. That’s because new technology and designs continue to develop. While you don’t have to keep up with every latest trend, if you’re noticing some elements that are more drab than decorative, it’s a good time to renovate. Anything less and your home will be harder to sell.

If you share any of the above sentiments, then it’s a clear indicator that a renovation may be your best choice. Now that you have better direction, get the guidance you need in taking the first steps towards renovating your home.

The home renovation experts

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