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Many people must fit their home renovation process into their already full schedules. It might be challenging to find the time to find and interview contractors, whether it’s for a few hurried minutes online before bed or making fast calls during your kid’s soccer game. It’s normal to cut corners when you’re short on time but making the effort to hire the best contractor for the job will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

Choosing a home renovation contractor is a big decision. How do you go about finding someone you can rely on? Finding the right contractor is difficult these days, when selecting a contractor, keep these six mistakes in mind:

1. Not double-checking your contractor’s licence and insurance

This sounds obvious, yet it’s all too easy to believe that everything is in order. We all have come across experiences of homeowners who were left with unfinished or poor work and little recourse for resolving the situation. A trained and professional contractor should have both a contractor’s and a business licence. They must have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance at the very least.

2. Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Home Renovation Quote

When something looks too good true be true it often is. That’s why lowest home renovation quote isn’t necessarily the best option. Always aim for quality work and finishing and keep in mind that quality renovation will last much longer and won’t need to be re-done in the near future. Apart from the contractor being both licensed and insured also consider their local experience and the local projects they’ve worked on. There may well be a price difference in the quote you receive bearing in mind the above factors. 

3. Contractors Requesting a Significant Deposit

You may run the risk of never getting your home renovation project completed if you make a significant deposit or pay for your job in full in advance. If the your contractor insists on ordering items out of their own pocket, proceed with care. Prior to beginning, agree on a payment schedule and ensure that payments accurately reflect the work accomplished.

4. Choosing the lowest-bidding contractor

Who doesn’t like saving money but we should be wary if one home renovation bid is significantly lower than the others. It’s best to do a thorough inspection of each item to ensure everything is as per the scope agreed on. Is there a difference in material or quality? When it comes to hiring home renovation contractors, you get what you pay for.

5. Being unsure of what you want

You and your contractor will make lots of decisions during the home renovation project. Having a home renovation plan will certainly help you save both time and money. Before signing the contract, talk to your contractor about your options such as paint type and colour, trimmings, and materials that can all add to your budget, so plan upfront can help. You should also go over any upgrades and adjustments that you might want minimise any unexpected additional charges.

6. Hiring someone simply because they are nice

A home renovation project is time consuming and it’s crucial for you to establish a good working relationship with your contractor. Effective planning and communication are key for a successful project. A contractor’s personality assets include being accessible, being a good listener, and remaining calm under pressure. However, your final judgement should be based on the candidate’s experience, skills, and certifications.

It’s best to avoid working with a contractor who has a bad track record of completing jobs. Hiring such a contractor may prove the project to be sub-standard, resulting in frequent rework and fixes. It’s better if you choose a professional contractor to do your home improvement to get it done right the first time. Get in touch with Family Home Designers & Builders, one of the top home renovation contractors in Sydney to discuss your next home renovation project.