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What Approvals Do I Need For My Renovation?

In this article I will discuss some of the approvals you will need to obtain before you are able to start building that dream renovation. However, if your project is only minor and only internal changes, it might be classified as “Exempt Development” which does not require Approvals.

If your project involves structural work and/or additions, you will need either:

•    Development Approval (D.A.) from your Local Council    OR
•    Complying Development Approval (C.D.C.)
You will only be granted a C.D.C. if your project complies with all the requirements listed by State Government.

It is good practice to make an appointment for a “Pre Lodgement Meeting” with the local Council if you suspect there are any issues with your project.

If your project involves a D.A. or a C.D.C.  you might also require some of the following approvals:

•    Rural Fire Services Approval –  if you are in a bushfire hazard area (Flame Zone)
•    Heritage Approval if you are in a Heritage Conservation Area or your home is Heritage listed.
•    Water Board Approval (for any additions to your home or you are adding any bathrooms or toilets.)
•    Building over Sewer approval if your building is located above or adjacent to the Boards Sewer.
•    Finance Approval – if you are needing to borrow funds for the construction.

A good Designer / Builder will outline all the approvals you will need to obtain as well as the costs associated with them. It would be wise to consider which approvals you will need to obtain before embarking on your project, as this will determine when you can start building. Some approvals only take 4 – 5 weeks (eg. C.D.C.)  while others can take many months. One project I was involved in took almost 2 years to get approved because it was a Heritage listed home, and the proposed additions needed a lot of negotiation to get accepted by all involved parties.

– Roman Pazniewski