Home Extension in Sydney

If you love your home, but your family is growing and needs more space, a home extension is your best option. There are a number of reasons why people choose to extend a home, but extra space and cost effectiveness are two major considerations.

Choosing to extend up or out will be influenced by the design of your home and your available space. Either way, both are flexible and economical ways to create the space your family needs.


Second Storey House Extensions

second storey extension is a popular option in the North Shore often due to the lack of space on the property as one adds square footage without sacrificing land space. Most homes can support a second storey and absorb the space lost to a staircase. You could add an extra 2-4 bedrooms and another bathroom, or build a playroom for the kids to hang out and a parents’ retreat.

Family Homes will work with you to give you the right home for your family. We’ve improved over 400 homes and have decades of experience renovating in Sydney. To truly make your home stand out, consider adding a second storey with us, or, why not a ground floor extension?

Rear extension to major renovation in Pymble

Ground Floor Home Additions

Ground floor extensions are great for creating more recreational space, a family room, or a teenagers’ room. Some extend their existing rooms for a more open plan design. The lack of stairs and easy accessibility also makes a ground floor extension the ideal choice for seniors. A ground floor extension does not necessarily have to eat into your front or backyard either. Unused side spaces can add a few extra square metres to small rooms. Transforming a back porch or front patio into extra room space doesn’t take any extra space at all.

Our professional design services will ensure your requirements are met when designing and building your home extensions.  Give us a ring on 9417 5777 or tell us your renovation or extension plans here.