Home Renovations

Ground Floor Extensions

There’s always something people want to change about their homes – and if it’s more than a touch up, we can help.

If you’re looking for some extra floorspace, we offer ground floor extensions and second storey additions, depending on whether you decide to go up or out.

Ground floor extensions are perfect for either adding just a little extra space or for really taking advantage of your land size. Extensions can range from extending existing space, such as giving a few more square metres to your kitchen or bedroom, to adding whole new guest suites and wings to your home. Ground floor extensions are excellent options for those who want more space but do not wish to add a staircase. You can also add new entrances and egress.

These are also popular extensions for those who want to keep their street appeal. Ground floor extensions can often remain out of sight of the street, so your new spaces stay private.

External shot of ground floor addition reflected by backyard pool
Second storey addition and rear extension St Ives

Structural Renovations


Not all renovations involve an addition or extension – some renovations involve structural work without changing the square metres. Interior renovations change the layout of a home: removing walls, moving laundries, changing plumbing or electrical work for new spaces, updating walls, floors, or windows, or gutting a space to redo it entirely. Sometimes the interior just needs modernising with a new floorplan and new materials to keep with the times, or make it ready to sell.

There is also external work that isn’t an addition or extension. Some clients want their home exteriors rendered and painted, or with a new roof and external fixtures. Or, they might need different access to their home via stairs or ramps.

Other Home Renovations

Second storey additions are the ultimate way to add floorspace without losing any of your backyard. They take advantage of light and better views, are far more flexible in their designs than ground floor extensions, and most homes are capable of adding them.


There are other types of home renovations – any combination of the aforementioned, granny flats, duplexes, or even knockdown rebuilds.

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