Interior Renovations

An interior renovation is a great way to change an outdated arrangement into something more suitable for your family. Family Homes works with large interior renovations, including jobs that involve remodelling several rooms and gutting the interior. A new interior is a great way to update into a more modern style, for example implementing an open plan design. This can better suit contemporary living. A renovation like this can include energy saving, modern materials. These can reduce your cost of living and have a more positive effect on the environment.

Sydney’s North Shore Interior Renovations Specialists

Family Homes can help with any major form of internal structural renovation. We can help from the planning stage at the beginning of a project, to design and construction, right through to the final product. This would be a personal and beautifully designed interior that suits the needs of your whole family. Whatever the reason for your new interior, Family Homes is more than happy to give you the renovation you desire.

Why Choose an Interior Renovation?

Interior renovations are a popular choice for people looking to sell. A renovated bathroom and kitchen could be the tipping point for a potential buyer. An interior renovation, as opposed to a major renovation, would be good for people who wish to keep their external façade. This allows for modern conveniences in the interior while preserving old or interesting external features. For example, if you have a traditional or period home, a purely interior renovation could attract more buyers.