Major Renovations

Major renovations are more than a second storey addition or extension. These are projects of the largest scale, second only to building a new house, and make the biggest difference to your home. While some families are content with adding a second storey extension or ground floor extension, others require a large scale renovation to achieve their dream home. There are countless reasons why a major renovation may be necessary, from rejuvenating an old, tired property to increasing space for a growing family. If you are looking for a new home but want to keep important qualities of your old one, such as a great location or unique features, then this form of renovation is for you.

With over 30 years of experience building extensions and undertaking complete home renovations across the North Shore and northern beaches, Family Home is the trusted choice for your next home alteration project. Our experienced, friendly team can help you throughout the whole process, from design and planning to the final build.

When is a Large Scale Renovation Necessary?

Large scale renovations can be expensive and time consuming, with the largest projects taking over a year to complete. However, this can also mean they have the biggest payoff for you in terms of increasing the value of your home or improving it for your family. You are also granted the highest levels of customisation and personalisation considering you may be combining features from other kinds of home renovation. Do you need a second storey addition and some interior work? Do you need a granny flat and an outdoor entertainment area? Our team has completed major renovations for Sydney North Shore families with a broad variety of wants and needs, with solutions that are bespoke for each client.

For example, a family with younger children who live in a great location, but don’t have the amount of space or right abode for a young family environment, might want a large scale renovation. Other times, retirees might want to alter a home they love to be more suited their mobility needs as they age. Complete home renovations are a great way to achieve your dream home on your existing block of land without having to demolish.

Why Choose Family Home?

At Family Home we have helped many families achieve their dream home through large scale renovations. Our process involves consulting with you to understand your exact requirements, tailor designing a solution, and then executing it after your approval. We hold weekly consultations during construction so you’re involved every step of the way. You can count on our team, who have a demonstrated track record of completing major renovation projects on time, on budget and to the highest of standards.