First things first: we need to meet you and your home. By understanding your vision and working with your home, not against it, this will yield an efficient, yet stunning space. We pride ourselves on developing a working relationship which sets a strong foundation of trust upon which your journey with Family Home is built.



It’s not you, it’s your house that needs to change. We like to think of ourselves as architectural mediators, resolving any incompatibilities you’re having with your home. Whether it’s not providing enough space or the layout doesn’t flow, we’ll first listen, then work to resolve these issues carefully and collaboratively.

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No, we won’t be getting down on one knee for you. We will, however, present you with a clear vision of how your home will transform, including measured plans and artist impressions, selection of materials, a proposed time frame and firm price. The proposal offers a transparent overview of all the elements of the project so you can make informed decisions moving forward.


Our process step four, documentation. A set of hands pointing at plans.


This is where things start to get real. Over the next 4-5 weeks, we’ll prepare detailed plans, specifications, land surveys, engineering and reports for approval submission. Our end to end service makes this process a breeze – all you have to do is review the documents prior to submission.



This can be a tricky part of the project, especially if you don’t have the experience. We’ll liaise with the approval authorities so you don’t have to (It’s the least fun part of our jobs!) We regularly run our online Renovation Workshop via Zoom. There, you’ll be taken through all the aspects of designing and building. You will also be offered advice on which approval pathway is likely for your particular project.


Our Process step 6, construction agreement. A family, a baby, and our Designer inspect a set of plans.

Construction Agreement

Once the plans are approved, we draw up the documentation for the construction agreement. We go through the contract with you in detail, letting you know what our responsibilities are and what you need to do to make the construction process a joy.


Our process step 7, construction. Our supervisor Shane stands on a job site.


There’s nothing quite like seeing what was described in drawings and words become physical form. We share the thrill with you every time we commence on-site. During construction, we keep you informed with weekly meetings along with access to an online platform from which you can make any decisions as they arise. In next to no time, you’ll be making memories in your new space.