Second Storey Additions

A second storey addition can add a large amount of value to a property, not to mention all the extra space for a growing family. For example, a new storey may be added to give room and privacy to maturing children. A second storey also provides greater views to the surrounding landscape, without removing any land space.

Most second storey additions would include 2-4 bedrooms and at least one bathroom. Sometimes, clients also ask for an additional living space upstairs- especially if there are views to be taken advantage of.

Whatever the reason for a second storey addition, Family Homes is able to help. We can assist with the entire process, from designing and planning to the final finishing touches.

Our professional team works with your family. We hold weekly onsite meetings to keep you involved and informed with each exciting step. In most second storey projects we have completed, there was no need for the family to move out of the house, although there will always be some inconvenience. The major inconvenience happens when we install the stairs, usually about halfway through the project, and after that our tradesmen need to access the upstairs via the stairs.

An alteration as large as a second storey addition may seem daunting, however we will do our best to make sure your specifications are met. We pride ourselves on reaching completion on time and on budget, and with leaving our clients thrilled with their personally designed second storey.

Featured Project – Second Storey Addition at St Ives

Our clients from St Ives needed two additional bedrooms and office space, as well as a new kitchen layout. They didn’t want to encroach on the backyard too much, so we decided that a second storey addition would be the best solution. We built the large kitchen and family room at ground level overlooking the pool.

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