Family Home’s Renovation Workshop


When: TBA

Where: Your home! We’re running this Workshop through Zoom.

Thinking of renovating or extending your home? Join us for our renovation and extension workshop, which will give you a comprehensive understanding of Family Home’s process.

Our 7 Step Process:

  • Why should I renovate?
  • How do I pick a design?
  • What’s a Project Proposal?
  • What is a Preliminary Agreement?
  • Whose Approval do we need?
  • What’s needed in a building contract?
  • How to ensure a smooth construction process?

You’ll be able to see actual examples of how these steps have been implemented and hear directly from professionals with many years of experience in home extension construction. There will be a Q&A session where you can ask about your own project. There will also be an update on the best approach to obtaining finance for your home extension project.

The workshop will be led by Roman Pazniewski of Family Home Designers & Builders. Roman graduated from the University of Sydney with an Architecture Degree and from the University of NSW with a B.Sc (Architecture). He has been involved with the building industry ever since. Having formed the company with his father in 1991, he has gone on to grow the business into an outstandingly effective home design and builder team. Roman is also a winner of the prestigious HIA Top Homes Award.

This will be your unique chance to personally benefit from a mountain of residential construction experience. Don’t miss out on this very rare opportunity.

Roman, our Managing Director, welcomes you to our Renovation Workshop.

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